Awww the Bleu Nuit is beautiful, such a shame it's going to be discontinued or already is :-( lv bags


Oooooooooh Weeeeeeeee! I'm going to just say it. Watercolor is the BEST canvas LV ever made and I don't see how they will ever top it.Congratulations on a FABULOUS find! It's drop dead gorgeous and you know just how lucky you were to locate this one. louis vuitton replica


MORE MORE!!! I love everything I'm seeing right now... LV

,o went shopping with the fam at Yorkdale mall today...We saw a woman with an *interesting* looking LV bag. Now I say *interesting* bc I know that there are some SO bags out there...but on the flip side, the bag had plat icky looking handles with no hint of pa LV,I probably sound ridiculous but what does SLG stand for? I've been wondering for awhile and can't seem to figure it out. louis vuitton handbags,

Bags! I like their SLGs but I never tend to rotate them.Bags on the other hand....can never get enough :) louis vuitton shop


I wasn't aware you had to be fat to carry a purse. lv bag